Sunday, January 31, 2010


If anyone is interested, I have recently became a contributor to a political webisite called It is a new site started by some facebook friends that has posts from all political sides of the isle. Check it out (just posted my thoughts there on the State of the Union)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Truth Tuesday-The Pendulum Swings...

Wow. Scott Brown (now Senator Scott Brown (R)) won Ted Kennedy's seat in the liberal state of Massachusettes. Unbelievable. It goes to show that the Obama administration has way overplayed their hand. This election was a referendum on its policies and ideaology. This election was about the American people taking their country back. This election was about denying the Democractic party of their continuing elitist arrogance in how they treat the American people. This election was about the ultra-liberal policies like the health care and cap & trade bills that expand govt. dramatically. The people have spoken. The people of liberal Massachusettes have spoken. The pendulum is swinging back--back from the left to the middle, just where it is supposed to be.

I would have given money to have been able to watch MSNBC (we don't get it here, thank goodness because my TV would probably be smashed in, ha ha) during the election--from the looks and sounds of it, they had a hard time chewing on the fact that the people of a liberal state would vote in a Republican. Of course, they have all kinds of excuses...they simply just don't get it. Thought I'd share some of the entertaining video:

Just some typical NBC news...obviously very biased, they were full of excuses, hatred and shock over the fact that this turned out how it did. I can't find the video, but in one segment, the "journalist" went from a Haiti segment to the Scott Brown segment by saying "From one crisis to another..." Hmmm...

Media bias will someday be a whole other post. But for now I just want to say Congrats to Senator Scott Brown---please work for the people like you promised.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Truth Tuesday-"The People's Seat"

There is a huge political race going on in Massachusettes right now. It is an election to fill Sen. Ted Kennedy's seat. MA is a democratic (very progressive) state with dems outnumbering Repubs 3 to 1. But there is something amazing going on. The Republican contender is in a dead heat with the Democrat. A dead heat in Massachusettes. Unheard of. If the Republican won, it would end the 60 seat fillibuster in Congress--this is huge, especially with the health care bill coming up for a vote.

Here is a portion of the debate between the 2 from a couple nights ago (just over a minute long). I wanted to use this for Truth Tuesday because it is the truth. The seats of Congress belong to the American people, not the individuals filling them. They are OUR representatives. This message has been lost for a long time. This is what the tea party movement is all about. It is about the American people not being represented. The Govt is supposed to be 'Of the People, For the People and By the People'. This is not how it is right now and I think some of our leaders are finally starting to get the message. The tide is turning.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Disdain for the American People

We have one Congresswoman (D) who answered her cell phone in the middle of a constituent's question at a town hall (not once, not twice, but 3 times, 3 different constituents).

We have one Congressman (D) who is forcing people to show ID to get into his town hall meetings, just months after he voted against that very same thing.

We have one Congressman (D) who told his constituent to shut up and go home.

We have one Congressman (D) who yelled down a Doctor, who had very repectfully asked a question.

We have the Speaker of the House (D) accusing Americans of carrying Schwastikas and being "un-American" if they spoke out against the Health Care Bill.

We have one Congressman (D) who says the protestors are like the KKK.

We have one Congressman (D) who says the protestors are not representative of American, even though the polls say the opposite.

We have one Congresswoman (D) who said the town hall protestors were too "well dressed" to be grassroots.

We have numerous Members of Congress (D) who say this is all manufactured and that these "people are astroturf" meaning their feelings are not real, that it is not a real grassroots movements (said the same thing about the Tea Parties, where hundreds of thousands showed up all over the country to protest the crazy spending by both parties).

We have the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES who said that those opposing need to "get out of the way", the complete opposite stance he held during his campaign when he said he wanted to listen to the American people and "work together". Not to mention, HE WAS A COMMUNITY ORGANIZER, THIS IS WHAT HE DID!!!

We have the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES who said he didn't know the tea parties were going on this last April, and making fun of them in a speech "waving tea bags around..."

We have the White House Press Secretary that says over and over that the Americans are misinformed, even when they are directly quoting the bill, even when the President admitted he hadn't read the whole bill AND he lied twice in his staged town hall.

We have people in the media (NBC) who say that the protestors are just racist, just like those who went to the tea parties just didn't like a black president.

We have people in the media (NBC) who say that the "protestors are dumber than Joe the Plumber."

We have a Congressman (D) who said that there was no way he could or would read the entire bill.

So I ask you--is there any wonder why the American People are angry? Is there any wonder that they are finally speaking up? Americans have been treated this way since the tea party movement started. "Its' all fake, astroturf, they are stupid and racist..." Is there any wonder the American people are finally standing up to this outrageous government take-over of our country--car industries, banks...and healthcare is 1/6 of our economy!? I am amazed at the complete disrespect and disdain the White House and Members of Congress have for the people they work for! Such elitism and arrogance. And you would at least think they'd look at polls and see it is not fake. A majority of Americans are opposed the health care bill as is. And Congress' approval ratings are LOW. (Pelosi's approval ratings I believe are in the teens, below Bush's!) It's no wonder why.

Not to mention the hypocricy of it all-there were hundreds of protests when Bush was in office, many of them holding signs with him dressed as Hitler, with schwastikas. I don't remember hearing a word from Miss Pelosi! I don't remember the Congress and Media shaming protestors like Code Pink who constantly disrupted Congressional hearings and the like (with fake blood). I don't remember their causes being considered dumb and "astroturf." I don't remember Bush ever ONCE putting these protestors down. When asked about them, he would talk about how FREEDOM OF SPEECH is one reason why this country is so great and he never put dissenters down. Very unlike this President, who I would argue is not very presidential.

Not to even mention that I think it is dispicable that Obama called out his union/SEIU thugs to "fight" the voices of the Americans protesting. There was NO physical violence until these staged people started to show up-a black conservative was beat up by one of these thugs (yet the protestors are racist, see the way of thinking here...). And then if you notice in the news, those that are protesting in favor of the bill have all manufactured, typed, nice signs. While those opposing have hand made signs-which side is manufactured??? There was a story at one town hall, how there were people in favor of the bill in line with these huge signs, and right before the town hall, they were pulled out of the line and led to the front rows...and we wonder why government can't be trusted. It is all about appearance and reelection, not about doing what is right for the people.

Here's the deal: Conservatives generally don't protest. It is not in our DNA. For thousands of Americans to take time off work, and show up at town hall meetings is HUGE. It shows that people are paying attention. As one gal put it "a sleeping giant has been awakened." Thank God. And don't get me wrong-not only Conservatives oppose this bill. Many Democrats and Independents oppose it as well. Again-the polls show this.

We need to remember that The President and Congress work for US, not the other way around. I truly believe that those who have been irresponsible in their votes, in fiscal irresponsibility, etc. will be voted out next year and in '12. We need to continue to speak up to show them we are paying attention-that we are not putting up with the corruption any more. They are spending out money, they are putting our children in debt, they are completely changing our country to the place where our Founding Fathers would be rolling in their graves.

God Bless America. It is still a great country. We just have some cleaning up to do.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Just a quick note to say that I created this blog to vent my political views/frustrations/passions and I decided to separate it from my main blog so that those not interested in politics don't have to read about my view on such subjects. I understand that politics can be very devisive. Unfortunately, politics can cause hate and anger, which is beyond me...BUT I am very concerned about our country right now and feel that I need to speak out---if anything, I need to at least get this out of my system, which writing does do for me! So, if anyone does decide to keep up with this blog-I welcome respectful discussion and debate! But remember-it is ok to agree to disagree. Thanks!